Gemma began life around a kitchen table in Andover back in 1984, the creation of Lindesay and Margaret Rudd-Clarke. They waved goodbye to the toy shops they’d founded and, using their entrepreneurial spirit, toy retailing experience and vision for supplying retailers with cards and wrap designed with the characters that children loved, their journey in to the greeting card industry began.  

Over the years Gemma has seen a portfolio that’s contained (and continues to do so), some of the biggest and most discerning brands around (Pokémon, Thomas & Friends, Bratz, Hello Kitty, Peppa Pig, Angry Birds, Moshi Monsters, Purple Ronnie), several industry awards, an accolade of being the UK leader in licensed greeting cards… We’re not stopping! Gemma embraces its ability to stand out from the crowd with a specialist team who are strategically focused, commercially aware, intelligent, creative and customer-centric.